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Hitch Ride Height


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Hitch Ride Height Adjuster

The Transtruct Hitch Ride Height Adjuster is a revolutionary mechanism designed to facilitate quick hitch height adjustment, between towing vehicle and any trailable unit which have couplings mounted at different heights. Based on the principle of a 4-Bar parallelogram linkage the unit can be set to allow both coupling mount and trailer to remain level for towing.
Imagine One Trailer to Suit Your Car, 4WD, Truck or Tractor

The ride height adjust is capable of 165mm of vertical height adjustment whilst maintaining a horizontal coupling mounts. Adjustable even in the loaded and coupled position by way of any easy accessed threaded rod. Compatible with any coupling with a load rating of 2000kg or less. Accommodates either Hydraulic or Mechanical Brake Mechanism. Easily incorporated in the manufacture of a New Trailer, Camper or Horse Float. Can be retrofitted to existing Trailers. Rated to 2000kg under Australian Design Rule 62/01 Mechanical Connections between

Provisional Patent Application No  2003901555.

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